Sunday, August 11, 2013

Wolfmoon Halloween 2012

This year at Wolfmoon Cemetery we introduced the Werewolf's lair. The werewolf is just a half bust sticking up form the middle of the bushes on a pole. We scattered bones and skulls all over the place to make it a little more gruesome. It's also a nice place to showcase our Kiss pumpkins.

Freddy's Corner

 This is on the south side of our yard. It's the 7 foot tall Grim Reapers realm.

We also added a 14ft Grim Reaper to the garage. Not an easy task, we had to use a cherry picker to get it up there.

Another addition this year was led lighting on the porch. It wasn't quite as bright as I was hoping but it still looked pretty cool.

This is our witches kitchen 

Another new addition from Spirit Halloween  - love this guy.

 Here's our costumes for the year. My son was a Tusken Raider. The mask is handmade using a basic skeleton mask, linen, cardboard, leather, and painted markers for the tusks, and painted pens for the head antenna things.

My costume is a day of the dead skull. Part of it's tattoos from Spirit Halloween and the other part I used eyeliner.

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